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As a singer, speaker or instrumentalist you always need to express yourself. We take a look at all aspects of your project and how they form part of your ultimate goal. You'll profit from our many years of experience, our knowledge and enthusiastic attitude.

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Your technique is based on a physiologically healthy voice that you can rely on even in stressful situations.

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Your charismatic voice creates a winning atmosphere, as a prerequisite for audience interest in your content.

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Convince with your play through excellent technique and emotional flow, and let the spark fly.
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is to bring out the best for your personal success. I look back at 40 years of experience as a coach for voice, instrument and personality.


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How to optimize and enhance the uniqueness and singularity of your personal and artistic expression. Develop strategies to achieve your goals while maintaining your well-being.

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If according to WHO making music is no longer considered beneficial to health, I invite you to check out my unique work and find out for yourself! 

    • I provide individual consultation and support.
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    • I have been accompanying professionals for more than 30 years.
    • I offer help with voice problems.
    • I offer help with physical problems for musicians.

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Choose Walter Kafritsas as your personal coach on your way toward success!
Walter Kafritsas (formerly Romeo Alavi Kia) moved to Vienna in 1976, after graduating from high school in Braunschweig (D). He studied voice, guitar and composition at the Vienna University of Music and the Conservatory of the City of Vienna. Already during his studies he became interested in the background of physical-musical performance deficits in singers, speakers and instrumentalists. From 1980 voice seminars and work with instrumentalists. This was followed by years of study of various systems from the fields of breathing and body therapy, meditation, yoga, reiki, medicine, spiritual healing, metamorphosis technique, quantum coaching, spiritual spine straightening, and karatedo (Renshi 4th Dan). Initially, he devoted himself to a career as a musician, participating as a singer, guitarist and lutenist in various ensembles and productions in the fields of music and theater. He also wrote music for theater, film and television and produced an LP of his own works (MAQAM) in 1989.
An article in the German-language Esotera in 1989 about his special way of developing voices quickly led to an increased demand for his work. Seminars and workshops throughout Europe were the result. Both musical amateurs interested in developing their voices and professional singers with seven performances a week were able to profitably implement his tips and assistance. In the course of time, instrumentalists also developed an interest in optimizing their performance with the help of the technique developed by Walter or in counteracting already existing performance slumps. Finally, a lecture and workshop at the congress of the European String Teacher Association helped the method, now known as Integrative Voice Training, to gain recognition in instrumental pedagogy as well. Since 2002, Walter Kafritsas has been training voice trainers who work extremely successful in the method he developed.

Life is constant changeAdaptive and FlexibleEver-ready to challenge us.

After more than thirty years of being on the road in terms of voice, I moved with my family to the Costa del Sol at the end of 2017. Here we combine creative work with the comforts that the south offers us. Since the corona pandemic, I've avoided travel altogether. Since then, I've been coaching online for companies and individuals, supervising voice coaches, training individuals as voice trainers or coaches for VoiceEnergetics, and am happy when someone makes the trip to Málaga and joins me in the studio to work. Usually those fall in love with the enchanting area at the appendix of Europe.
Again and again I am asked why I changed my name after so many years of professional success. Here is the answer:
The first reason was of a private nature. And the second reason was the acceptance of the challenge to shape the next decades completely new instead of on the laurels of the past.



Since the publication of my first book (Stimme - Spiegel meines Selbst) in 1991, the entire German-speaking voice training market changed. While singing had been a question of talent, the concept of what was required for singing changed. Vocal expression as the result of whole-body processes became the premise of an entire generation of progressive voice teachers and vocal pedagogues.
How we deal with our voice makes clear how we deal with ourselves. A person's voice not only conveys the information of the spoken or sung words, it is rather an expression of all his strengths and weaknesses, his whole personality. We can hear very well in which 'mood' someone is, whether what he says is 'right' or whether he is holding something back. A spoken or sung presentation can be technically successful and still not really reach the listeners. This is the case when the speaker is limited in his ability to express himself. A person's ability to express himself has a clear effect on the development of his voice and vice versa: the ability to express oneself vocally has an effect on the development of the whole personality. If the voice cannot flow freely, it means that the energy is not flowing either. The goal of holistic voice education is liberation: liberation from the blockages that prevent us from expressing ourselves truly and directly on a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level.
This book is a revelation for all those who are looking for new possibilities in the field of music education - first and foremost the possibility of rediscovering oneself in a musical contact. And the first thing to discover is that we are not all the same and we do not all function the same way. There are two breathing types - inhalers or lunar types and exhalers or solar types - and they need different things when it comes to developing their voice. Inhalers or exhalers we are from birth, and we remain one or the other throughout our lives. Although we can "get used to" a different way of breathing, this will usually lead to "somehow having problems with singing". Here you will learn not only which breathing type you belong to, but also which exercises suit your type.
In a very original sense, making music means: Creating happiness for oneself and letting others share in it.
Singing and making music can be so easy and so difficult at the same time. Romeo Alavi Kia, who has been accompanying people in finding their voice for many years, conveys very clearly in this book how one can connect with power, inspiration, creativity and passion through the voice or through an instrument and thus give expression to one's own potential. In doing so, the author draws on his experience accumulated over many years in the field of breath - body - voice and instrument.
A wonderful book with many exercises that help us achieve greater well-being and become more in tune with ourselves.


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